Logo & Branding

We specialize in the many skills and disciplines required in the production and maintenance of websites, including web graphic design; front end development; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design and a classified listing with search engine optimization. Contact us to Get Listed.
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Custom Logo Design

Let us take your logo design concept from a simple sketch to a level of professionalism, using state of the art illustration and graphic design software and equipment.

Web Re-design

If you are looking to present fresh new content to your audience or introduce new product or services and you already own your very own website, then you should consider your website redesign project with us.

Custom Web Design

Looking for a more unique look with a custom designed layout coded in css, javascript.

Batal Productions

We are an independent production company with a focus on the performing arts, new media, art, film, television radio and video. We are readily available to provide services to Small Business Owners, Entrepeneurs, Musicians, Independnet Talent, Charity Organizations and Corporations.

Web consultation

Our non-refundable consultation fee is rated at 75p/h and is charged immediately after the first hour, rounded to the nearest hour. Once prospect becomes a client the consultation fee will be automatically applied to the project's final balance .

Web maintenance

Our web maintenance program consist of site functionality diagnostics, web graphic design and content link audio, photo, video and blog updates. Our website maintenance schedule is weekly, biweekly and monthly

Product development

The first step toward using branded merchandise in marketing is the development and implementation of an effective strategy.


Using state of the art media software ,We can get your catalogs, brochures custom designed, printed and mailed to your prospective & existing clients.

The Blac & Bleu Book

The Blac & Bleu Book - is the official production magazine of Batal Productions and will be used as a promotional medium for all upcoming productions, clientele and current events. It will be a subscription based magazine consisting of Subscribers and Service Providers.


BP500 is the official business network of Batal Productions. It is a virtual environment where Service Providers and Subscribers of our production magazine can create a profile, send instant messages, follow requests and stay up to dates with events in The Blac & Bleu Book.

The Blac & Bleu Listing

Become a Service Provider and get your business listed in our production magazine. Becoming a Service Provider requires a 199.99 one-time set up fee plus a 19.99 monthly subscription fee charged annually

Bleu Stream Media

We are always looking to add fresh new content to our media platform. Feel free to create an account, upload your media or stream your very own you tube channel and go viral on our independent platform

Request a quote

If you would like to feature in our production magazine, get listed in our production magazine or just have general questions regarding our product and services pricing.